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     My lovely daughter in law hired Carpet Cleaning Services Neasden to help out after my knee surgery. The cleaners come out twice a week, and they always do great. Very professional and the place looks incredible! By far, the best cleaning service.
Olive G.21/05/2020
     I used Neasden Carpet Cleaning for office cleaning services. Patty and Charles were very professional, finished the job in record time, and the whole process was smooth and easy.
     The cleaners of NeasdenCarpetCleaners were very friendly, knew what they were doing, and were cheap to hire too. I couldn't have asked for anything more from my local cleaning company.
Jessica G.22/08/2017
     I was pretty surprised with the way this cleaning company did what they do. Neasden Carpet Cleaning Company were pretty open and friendly, even helped me out with putting most of my things in order apart from cleaning. It was a welcome change from previous experiences with this type of business.
     I have been hiring Carpet Cleaner Neasden regularly for carpet cleaning, office cleaning and upholstery cleaning at my shoe-making unit. They always do an impeccable job. From getting the grease stains off the machinery, walls and floors, to bringing a new shine to the office glass panes, they ensure everything is spotlessly clean. They charge reasonable amounts, and are always warm and polite.
John Stevenson08/05/2015
     I was never one to believe in getting professional cleaners to clean my home but due to an accident, I had to call NeasdenCarpetCleaners to do the regular cleaning of my home for a few days. What I loved about them is that I didn't have to tell them what and how to do anything. They were clearly well experienced and it showed in the quality of work that they did. In fact, they did a better job than I could have done. I am so impressed with their work that I will definitely call them again!
Sharon M.18/02/2015
     NeasdenCarpetCleaners have been my go-to cleaning company for months now, and I thought it was about time I expressed my gratitude in the form of a review. This company are amazing at home cleaning, and they always do a fantastic job. Carpets, walls, upholstery, appliances...there's nothing that this company can't provide if you want professional cleaning services, and there isn't a company that could do it better! 10/10
Marc Peterson29/01/2015
     Every Monday, after a long weekend with the children, cleaners from NeasdenCarpetCleaners arrive dot on 8.00am and waste no time in getting down to the cleaning tasks at hand. I always look forward to Monday evenings when the house is looking cleaner than ever, which is never easy with three children, a dog and a cat! I've used other cleaning services in the past, and they always sent different cleaners. Now the same people arrive each week and every job is done to our satisfaction! Excellent work!
Stacey B.15/01/2015
     We have used NeasdenCarpetCleaners here at the hotel for a number of years, and cannot stress how useful they are. Whilst the hotel staff do the rooms, the team from NeasdenCarpetCleaners have been instrumental in ensuring that the public areas of the building are very much spick and span, working at night, and always doing an excellent job. You can not underestimate how much of a plus this is for us, as it means that the foyer is always presentable and perfect when the guests arrive.
Susan Cox31/07/2014
     I detest mess, dirt, stains and the like so I get the perfect solution for them; NeasdenCarpetCleaners. I have hired this firm on a number of occasions to eradicate the mess in my home and each time they have done an excellent job. Their team work swiftly to get rid of every speck of grime, disorder and dirt, so my abode looks and feels like a great place to be. Their staff knows what they are doing and do it well. They make every room look much better than I could do on my own and they are pleasure to work with. I cannot imagine what I'd do without them.
Francis Hart20/06/2014
     Big thank you to the team at NeasdenCarpetCleaners for helping to clean up after our recent party. We had wanted to be prepared for the aftermath so we made sure to book them early. We've used their services before and every time they manage to deliver a truly fantastic service. Even despite the fact that the house was a hideous mess in the morning, I was amazed that the team could get everything so clean, so quickly. When it comes to cleaning the home again, I am so happy that I know where to turn and wanted to send gratitude.
Anna Moore04/06/2014

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